Top Reasons Why Poker is Slowly Killing You

Poker is one of the most exciting and rewarding casino games these days. Gambling has never been this fun and popular until poker World Series tournament, televised globally came about. Since then, a lot of poker players made playing poker their bread and butter. Professional poker players became instant celebrities and hundreds of players would want to follow in their footsteps.

Playing poker is supposed to be entertaining and is not really harmful if you keep a hold of yourself but problems start creeping in when it creates negative impact in your life and people around you. Playing too much poker, when it becomes an addiction can kill you…literally and here are some reasons why.

  1. Hours of prolong seating or inactivity is bad for the health. The blood cannot circulate well cutting your supply of oxygen to the heart and brain. It can cause muscle stiffness and worst, in the long run, high blood pressure and diabetes.
  2. The high intensity level in the game causes your heart to beat faster than the normal rate which is not healthy. The poker environment can be so stressful that it may lead to loss of appetite, insomnia, uneasiness and depression. Poker players can have a mental and emotional breakdown.
  • Poker may be a source of income but generally for a regular player, it kills your finances. It is a gambling so losing is inevitable and the more you become hooked, the more money you will lose. You will end up bankrupt, in huge debt and so will have a tendency to steal.
  1. Family is affected. You will have less time for your loved ones, or your money problems may cause a major fight and rift your relationship. A lot of marriage ended, homes wrecked because of a gambling addiction.
  2. Poker may cause your life in an instant. If you owed some people a massive amount you can’t pay back, especially when you borrowed it from the “wrong ones”, they may come after you and get even. When you are physically and mentally over fatigue, depleted your finances and in debt, there’s a danger that you might take your own life out of helplessness, hopelessness and depression.

Poker is recreational and also has some positive aspects but a player should always weigh the good and the bad effects. If you are one of those poker players, always remember to keep if fun and stick to your limits. Some casinos have responsible gaming policies to prevent gambling addiction. Gclub Royal 1688 casino is known for its poker tournaments but it aims to help gamblers with addiction through their counseling and gambling addiction hotline features.