Phrases That You Will Never Hear in a Casino

Casinos are fun places to be and more so because people from diverse background gather there and have fun. But no matter how many times you have been to casinos, you will certainly have noticed that there are certain phrases that are never mentioned on the casino floor. Well, everything happening on the planet earth has a reason, and the reason why those phrases are not mentioned are as follow –

It is An Easy Win Dude

Okay, maybe you might have heard some people saying it out loud, but I can bet that free drink had something to do with the above statement. In real life, winning even a small amount in a casino is very hard. The truth is that casino houses will always have an edge over the players as the payout percentage in most cases is predetermined. However, I am not saying that the system cannot be gamed. Of course not; you can certainly win consistently but for that, you will have to invest a lot of time and energy to learn all the tricks.

 The Charges of Food and Drink is Very Minimal

Most casinos offer free drinks but sometimes, they stop this service. In those rare occasions, you will have to pay for food and drinks. This should not be a big issue but the problem is that the prices are extremely high. In big casino house, an average drink can cost you as much as USD $10 to $15.

I will Stop Gambling Right before I Get close to Good Comps

Have you ever wondered why so many people love to gamble for prolonged period of time? What lures them to burn their hard earned dollars? Yup it is the Comp. Sometimes, these comps are as frivolous as free drinks but sometimes, they can be as tempting as free 5-star suite. So, it is no wonder that people will keep on playing to get hold of those comps. If you wish to get to know more about the mysterious world of casino gambling, check out Link vào 188bet.

Waitresses Are Ugly

It is no secret that casino owners intentionally hire beautiful and sexy waitresses to titillate the senses of the male players. The matter of fact is that there are some people who use to visit casinos just to ogle at these waitresses. And people rarely complain when a beautiful waitress serves free beer. Do they? I do not think so.

Poker is Just Way too Easy

Come on guys, everybody knows that poker games are extremely tough. If this is the not the case, we would have been surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of millionaires [property prices would have been shooting through the roof in that case]. So, if you believe that you are going to make some fast bucks by making a few bluffs, you could not be more wrong. Get your facts right bro.

Quitting Gambling at the Middle is No Big Deal

Almost all gamblers enter casinos with a win limit in their mind but as soon as the game starts, they forget everything. Since it does not hurt to earn a few bucks more, people will continue their tryst with luck only lose everything they have earned at the end. So, quitting gambling may sound easy enough but the reality is vastly different.