Online Poker Players Guide

Card games have been played for centuries by people around the world. Poker is one such game which has roots from the 18th century. Nobody knows where and when the game was invented, but the by the 18th century, it was played in Central US, France, Germany and England. The game depends on the one’s luck, guesswork, bluffing capability and to some extent, statistics. There are many variants of the poker game in the world, but mostly it is the Straight Poker variant which has gained popularity and fame in the recent times. Even though the game is played for entertainment value, it also has the potential to bring in money by the betting methods.

Evolution of the Game

The game was played by a group of people around a table. Normally 2 or more players are required for the game. People would gather around the weekend to pass time and played the game. The game picked up popularity in the 20th century with national level tournaments being played. Bobby Baldwin, Doyle Brunson, Johnny Moss, Amarillo Slim and Puggy Pearson are some of the names who attained popularity from the game. Books were written in the 1990s on how to play and win the game. When gambling was made legal in the US around 1980, casinos started introducing these games. With the introduction of computers, poker games started appearing around the end of the 20th century. The internet made its mark and online poker games started appearing all over the world. One can choose to play poker online Indonesia to feel the game and make money out of the entertainment.

Rules of the Game

Like any other sport or game, poker does have rules and it would be best if one understands the rules. Each player is served a deck of cards, usually 5 or 7 depending on the variant being played. After this, each player is served a card from a deck, usually face up or down, again depending on the variant. As each card is passed around in a clockwise manner, the player assesses his chance of winning and places a bet. Others can follow suit and place a bet or if they feel they are not in a winning position, they can fold and lose the bet he/she placed. At the end of the game, either one or two players remain and they can either force a show or fold. The winner takes the money. It is important that any player show emotion about the card being dealt as others can make out the opponent’s reaction. Hence it is often called the bluffers game.

Selecting a Good Online Poker Site

Having a good strategy and knowledge about the poker helps, but one has to choose a right online gaming or casino site to make money. One has to check the sites reputation, reliability and support services before depositing money. Check and play poker online Indonesia by visiting the site as this is believed to be a good site with lots of options like low deposits, bonuses, money backs, etc. Remember, poker is a game of bluff and chances, with lots of money to be made.