Learn Domino Online Strategyand Sharpen Your Skills

Dominoes game is skill involved. There is a need to have some strategy to play domino online. Here are few tips to get started. These are strategy tips that will reveal general game theory. These helpful tips are sure to guide you to draw and block dominoes. Ultimately, playing against opponents alone gives good practice to become a strong player of domino online. Are you ready to sharpen your skills?

Eliminate earlyyour doubles

Doubles can be played only on one number and so they are hard to play. A 6-6 can be played only on a 6, but a 6-4 can be played or 6 or 4. So, it is best to eliminate these weaker tiles early.

Eliminate early higher value tiles

There is a need to pay constant attention to the game and the way it scores. If you lose, adding the pips becomes inevitable and thus your opponent gets more points. Owing to this, remember to eliminate soon the higher value tiles.

Concentrate on the draw or pass of your opponent

A draw or a pass of your opponent, what does it say? Yes, it informs you they have no valuable numbers in their hand. Thus, you can start understanding the tiles they may be holding. If you are able to figure it out, start playing strategically such that you compel them to pass or draw their turn, for instance, if when there is 4, 6 and 1 available, and it is a pass by your opponent, you must understand they have a 3s and 5s as combination. Now, when it comes to you and the same is available, you should play a 6-1, so that your opponent has to draw or pass. In fact, you can play a 6-3 as well, but if you do so, they can eliminate one tile. This is referred as blocking your opponent.

Maintain variety

This is a good strategy, though a bit tougher. Keep as much as variety of pip numbers possible in your hand. Avoid trying any strategy such that you try eliminating first all the 6s. In fact, having in your hand more variety helps as you need not draw or pass. Remember to maintain a balance in getting rid of the tiles. Do this by preserving variety. It is not about sacrificing strategies, but you must do it if required and whenever possible, after all it is your game.